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BREAKING NEWS: Just Hours Until The Great Debate and The Countdown Clock Is Running

The final part, Part 3 of Our Holiday Album will return on Friday as we now interrupt our schedule for:


Were you among the 9 or 10 viewers to watch Monday night pre-season football or the 2 or 3 who watched the debate? What, you say?  Our stats are way off!  Can't be.  Polls don't lie.  The HILL in a pink (red) pantsuit don't lie.  The Hat on Yellow Hair don't lie.  NEVER!  And we'll PROVE it to you!!!

TUNE IN, all day, LIVE video and audio on YouTube and watch the REAL debate.  Yeah, you heard right.  The REAL one.  The HILL vs the HAT vs the DONK!  And it's a foregone conclusion just who will win this one.  And we expect 100+million bazillion gazillion viewers!  All of you with paws and claws and tails and whiskers.  You who meow and bark and chirp and squeak.  

Save the DATE: Thursday, September 29 ~ available for viewing ALL DAY LONG
Save the PLACE:  Just go to this LINK RIGHT HERE tomorrow to get to YouTube (PG rated) 

Moderated by the one and only KONG
No guarantees that The Hat on Yellow Hair will show up.  At this hour, he has sent only The Hat and an 800# for product ordering.  FTC rules prohibit publishing of this number as candidates are not allowed to advertise, market or attempt to sell products for personal gain during the debate.  But then RUMP is traditionally a self serving rule breaker, yeah!
And note that The Hill (in the pink pantsuit) is already pointing fingers of blame towards Gentleman Joe ~ she'd been caught recently snooping around in his email accounts (of which he
has only ONE we hasten to note, on a public and government approved server!!!), but
somehow (???) her campaign team got access to it ... maybe the Rump helped a bit ... but we
digress here ... let's turn the mic over to KONG before he throws banana peels at the
audience.  Don't forget to TUNE IN tomorrow, Thursday, September 29 ...



Today's album pages feature two of our own headers.  Both were very ambitious and challenging projects for me ~ probably the one done in 2009 was the most complex I've ever worked on.  Although the series done for last year, 2015 was time consuming ~ it was not quite as difficult, but it was certainly a lot of fun.  Many of our viewers/readers today may not have seen the 2009 series and although shown here, we are not showing it in full.

First ~ 2015.  We began with an empty tree, a simple graphic.  Every few days we hung cards on the tree ... E-cards received from blogging friends.  I'd intended to scan and include cards that came by way of "snail mail" but about that time my printer/scanner gave out on me, so was only able to list those greetings unfortunately ... though I think I may have snuck a few in.  Over the month of December it was fun to watch our little tree fill up with our friends cards and greetings!

Second ~ 2009.  Our header and our posts all month long were based on the concept of an Advent Calendar.  Beginning with a December calendar, a kitty for each day.  Then day by day, something or someone special appeared for the day ~ and in that day's post ~ the window opened.  We celebrated family, blogging friends.  We celebrated Rainbow Bridge memories.  We celebrated the arrival of our third grandchild, a little baby boy.  We celebrated dozens of wonderful kitties and amazing woofies that we had come to know and love through the world of pet blogging.  And on December 25 we opened a window to celebrate our own family and share our Christmas wishes.



These are a few pages from Our Holiday Album.
Pet bloggers who have honored us in past years by having us design their blog headers or E-cards
for the holiday season (plus a few of our own).
We'll share a few more pages tomorrow and Wednesday.  
Right now, we're accepting reservations (thru October 30) for the 2016 holiday season, please
email us for more details if you are interested.  Thank you.



Please join my other friends today at the
for all the Sunday Selfies!


CATURDAY ART ~ Holiday Blog Decorating

I imagine by now, most visitors to the ZOOLATRY blog know we love to do photoshop art!  Not just for our own blog, but also for many other bloggers, especially pet bloggers.  At this time of year (one of our favorite times) we begin to get in the holiday spirit ~ though, like many of you ... I do not like to see the retail stores decorated this early on ... but I do start thinking about blog decorating, as it does take time to create original and one-of-a-kind header designs for our furry friends!  We'd love to help you decorate your blog for the coming holiday season.  If you're interested, please email me for more details, and ask any questions you'd like to have answered.  I'll be taking "reservations" through the end of October, to ensure all headers, and/or E-cards are delivered by late November. We do charge for our design work, but prices are reasonable ...  Monday through Wednesday next week, we'll show a few pages from our Holiday Photo Album, a sampling of headers and E-cards done in past years, so stop by then if you'd like to see them.  Thank you ...



One of my favorite photos of Maggy, her beautiful profile, her beautiful colors.